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Smart Village Innovation Challenge

According to a recent survey from the  world bank, 60% of Sub-Saharan Africans  live in rural areas.

Rural areas are often overseen by  different high-impact projects that are  being done. There is a huge paradigm  shift in terms of urbanization since there  are not enough jobs being created in rural  areas and there are not the same  opportunities.

The Smart Village Innovation Challenge is an initiative designed to encourage innovation in young  people in collaboration with software developers,  technology students, management students, and  technology experts to unite and develop solutions that’ll  help improve the living standards of people living in the  rural areas.

Speakers & Mentors For 2020

Official Kick Off of The SVIC

Its Not Too Late!!!

Do you think that you have an idea that can change your country, the Zambezi Basin or the world? 

Well we are here to help you to take that idea to greater height and to make it a reality.

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Smart Village Innovation Challenge

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