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Sports & Arts Innovation Challenge

Sports & Arts Innovation Challenge

Perhaps no other sectors have been as devastated by the coronavirus pandemic as those that enrich and entertain us, from culture and the arts to sports and entertainment. Concert halls are closed, museums are gathering dust, cinemas are insolvent. If your favorite sports team is playing at all, it is in an eerily empty stadium with the effect that the game no longer offers us a thrilling escape from the world but reminds us of its crisis.

The cliché of the starving artist has gained new currency, as hundreds of thousands in these industries are either out of work or waiting for their furloughs to become layoffs. Then there are the ripple effects: Shuttered attractions make the recovery of tourism even less likely; children no longer learn about culture and history firsthand; few of us are getting the creative inputs and distractions that make life both richer and more fun.

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The Call Out..!

To creative and sports sectors practitioners

Join like minded persons from 14 Southern African Countries 

Together we will work to define a problem statement affecting our creative and sports sector 

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