Great Zambezi


In the era of instant-everything, you shouldn’t have to spend an entire afternoon researching, calling and comparing local pros whenever you need one. Hence TechForte is there to connect you with the pros that you want for your services.

Our Mission is to market Africa to Africa and to the rest of the World. In addition to a youthful workforce, Africa is rich with Minerals, land for Agriculture, affordable Conferencing Facilities and Holiday Destinations. We aim to promote Africa as an Investment Destination.

Dream Cab is a taxi booking  & scheduling app in Zambia. It is easy to use, accurate and fast. From this website, you can as well book, or schedule a taxi. Dream Cab has multiple login & registration methods such as social media, email. Dream Cab supports Mobile money and Visa payments online too.

ACE Smart Tech Inventions is a startup based on education-based services. One of our learning services is Smart Revision an online self-learning platform with ECZ past papers and solutions, notes, etc. The exercises are accessible through web and mobile application.

We are installing 24inch digital advertising screens in public buses. This allows us to disseminate dynamic information & on demand ads while targeting a daily audience of more than 500,000 passenger trips and monthly audience of more than 15 million.

Tutor or Facilitator in your pocket Play, pause, rewind or download TuiT Solutions Limited Aims to help increase access to health knowledge by creating a platform that allows users to have control of learning as it is flexible both video clips and a book library with download abilities. We believe in knowledge for many hence NGOs can use our APP to reach health workers without them leaving their work place and a cost effective way.

KuBitX is an Engineering focus Startup,built KBX wallet, an alternative remittance solution to enable global African migrants, travelers, students and businesses to send or receive intra Africa cross border value transfer using local currencies without the FX, faster and cheaper.

You can agree with me when I say it’s hard to order things online from our local businesses in Zambia. According to research, we did, it is due to lack of e-stores or websites. This is why we have embarked on this e-commerce journey to revolutionize the business world in Zambia

For students who don’t get concepts the first time through the traditional way of learning or have problems with remembering lessons, our solution is to help students learn the same thing but in a different way by supplementary lessons with music to enhance learning and memory (retention through entertainment).