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The Smart Cities Innovation Challenge

The Smart Cities Innovation Challenge which happened from the 22nd to 24th of January was a success. The event that had mentors and speakers who came from different countries the like of Tamuno Abaku a consultant of eGovernance from Estonia, Leonhard Lukoschek a consultant at Boston Consulting Group (BCG) in Germany, Dr Agape Kapasa an author, serial entrepreneur, financial advisor from Zambia, Jane Mazimba who is a Banker and Personal Finance Educator was also a keynote speaker on Smart Finance to mention but just a few.

These are the Event Metrix:

194 applications were received

41 Teams registered

26 Teams Passed Day 1 Checkpoints

20 Teams Passed through Day 2 Checkpoints 14 Teams submitted their final pitches on time

Amazing ideas, the thrill, the frustration with internet connection, the networking, the innovation frenzy and more were all part of the weekend. After all has been said and done, here are the Top 10:

1. Calculated Moves (Zimbabwe)

2. Developers Army (Zimbabwe)

3. Farmsol Africa (Zimbabwe)

4. Ct2M Communications (Malawi)

4. Smart Waste Management -Tarnex- (Zambia)

4. CICA Mozambique (Mozambique)

4. Smart Harare (Zimbabwe)

8. Upcycle Goromonzi (Zimbabwe)

8. 50 Under 40 CEOs – (Multi-Country)

10. Agroforestry- (Zimbabwe and Sweden)

Smart Waste Management, Smart Farming, Smart Mobility, Smart Citizens and Smart Energy ruled the Innovation Challenge and the message is loud and clear. We need to be in harmony with nature, we have to be caring of our Environment, we have to eat and we have to evolve.

A massive thank you to all partners, mentors and speakers who provided the meat. We can not stop here please!! Game on – Let’s Carry On, Aluta Continua, Bhora Mberi, Masiye Pambili,Tiyeni Pamodzi!!

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